Meet the Jake and Anne Caldwell Real Estate Team Facebook Blogger!

My name is Stephanie Earp and I heard about Jake Caldwell when I asked my good friends to recommend a real estate agent. They were emphatic: after having their home sit on the market for more than a year with other agents, Jake had gotten it sold in a matter of weeks. Jake performed the same magic for me, managing to sell my house before we even finalized listing it, all while I was enjoying a vacation in Newfoundland. Over the course of preparing my house for sale, getting ready to list (he even had a painter come in and freshen the place up) and then the back and forth of accepting an offer, I got to know Jake’s style. Always honest and always thoughtful, Jake impressed me, and we saw eye-to-eye on a lot of the elements of buying and selling a home.

StephanieSo, I’m delighted to be joining his team as resident blogger, first here on Facebook, and later on his website, when it launches in mid-2016. I’ll be sharing some of my own thoughts as a three-time home-owner, but mostly I’ll be working with Jake and Anne (Anne joined the team at the beginning of 2016) to get their thoughts and expertise out into the world.

I’ve been writing professionally since 2002 when I got my first job working for TV Guide Canada. (For the millennials out there, this was a paper version of the channel that tells you what’s on TV later. Needless to say, it went out of business.) I’ve written about TV, film, music, art, knitting and now with this new role, I get to write about something I love: houses. Buying them, selling them, decorating them – I think about this stuff about 75% of the time, so it’s a natural for me.

I’ll be here every Monday with a new post – and if you like the page, you’ll get an update on the blogs and of course, pics of new listings, open house notices and other stuff.

Next week, Jake has some foolproof tips on staging and the following week I’ll dig in to managing staging in winter.

More next week!

Stephanie + Anne and Jake too : )