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We have put together this list of interview questions to get you started. The purpose is to help you find a REALTOR® that best fits your style.

1. Are you a licensed REALTOR®?

Only agents who have sworn to uphold the profession’s code of ethics can call themselves REALTORS®. That’s why it’s always styled in all caps with a registered trademark symbol afterwards. REALTOR® members of KAREA® have access to all of the most current information and training on the real estate business.

2. How do you communicate with your clients?

We can’t stress the importance of communication enough. If your preferred method of communication is the latest social media platform, but your potential agent prefers a landline or fax machine, there are going to be gaps in communication and misunderstandings in the not-too-distant future. Likewise, if you prefer face-to-face meetings and your potential agent prefers to text, this may not be the best match.

3. Can you provide a list of people who have used your services in the past that I can contact?

A good REALTOR® should have plenty of past clients willing and able to go to bat for them, not just a single recent client. Be wary of online testimonials or reviews if they are not backed up by real people willing to vouch for the potential agent. If your potential agent can easily provide you with a handful of names, it’s an indication that they’ve kept in touch with clients after the transaction is over.

4. What kind of hours do you work?

One thing you should avoid at all costs is the part-time agent. If your agent holds down another job and isn’t available from 9 – 5 Monday to Friday, or if they tell you that they don’t work weekends you may want to keep looking. Real estate, like every other profession, requires a full commitment from those working in it and looking to excel at it. Additionally, in a hot market houses can sell quickly. You’ll want someone on your side who can jump on an opportunity for you when it’s still available. All that being said, everyone needs time off now and again! It wouldn’t hurt to ask your agent what their contingency plan is for the times they’re not available, and if they have any vacation time booked in the next few months. Do they work in a team? Do they have an alliance with another agent who will step in for them? 

5. How long have you been a real estate agent for?

The right answer to this question isn’t necessarily what you might think. A newer agent, willing to work hard, with a solid support structure, who uses the latest technologies, and most importantly who you connect with and trust, can provide you a great service. The number of years someone’s been in the business doesn’t always translate to a great agent. Don’t be afraid to probe a little deeper to get a sense of how this person works.

At the end of the day, it’s your move. Don’t be afraid to come up with a few questions that have relevance to you, for example, would you enjoy spending a lot of time with this person, does this person understand your taste, does this person make you feel at ease or anxious?

We started house hunting even before we were planning to move, which was supported 100% by the It’s Your Move Real Estate Team.

There were a couple times we were sure we were ready to put in an offer and then talked ourselves out of it, finding something that wasn’t quite perfect about the home. The team was patient and understanding and gave great advice to help us realize what our “must haves” were in order to be happy in our new place.

In the end, it was the It’s Your Move team that found our home for us and things sped up fast from there. A quick call telling us they had seen a home and thought of us… and it was ours that night! They handled the quick decision with ease and represented us with sincerity, getting us our perfect home, even in a multiple offer situation!

Jenny & Dion