The Groundhog may have seen his shadow this year, but he obviously doesn’t know the Kingston Real Estate Market.  There are Buyers starting to get stir crazy, and with over 20% less listings than this time last year (as of February), the local market is definitely heating up and becoming more balanced. 

Most Professional Pundits are predicting an early start to the Local Spring Market. Once again, an increase in homes sold over $450,000 are pulling up the average sale price stats in our area.  Homes under $220,000 that sold were actually down almost 22% from a year ago (primarily due to First Time Home Buyers getting a handle on the new mortgage rules).

Speaking of First Time Home Buyers, on top of the Ontario Government doubling the land transfer tax rebate from $2000 to up to $4000, the City of Kingston also has a First Time Home Ownership Incentive Program.

What’s in a name?

Does the word “salesman” leave a bad taste in your mouth?  Us too!  The example in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is “a furniture salesman followed us around the whole time we looked for a new couch”.  Seriously!  Technically we are now called “Sales Representatives” which is a step in the right direction.  But what does that mean?  Our team believes that we are in the service business.  If we don’t serve our clients’ needs and get the job done, then we don’t get paid.  Period.  To be a top-notch service provider and trusted advisor, we need to really listen.  We must be compassionate, empathetic and truly understand what your goals are now and long into the future. 

Handy tools just a click away…

If you are considering a move and want to do some number crunching, then look no further than our Mortgage and Expense Calculator right here our webpage with drop down tabs to see the whole picture and get you started.