This is our third of four articles about our Team Members at It’s Your Move Real Estate. You may have read about Anne and Carlie already, and you will interested to know that Glenn also comes to Real Estate from a different profession. He spent many years in the restaurant industry, where he developed customer service skills that he is known for today. We asked him a few questions about his past, current and future life plans. Some may surprise you!


Meet Glenn “Rider” Rea.

Glenn, you’ve been in the service industry for years. What drew you to Real Estate specifically?

Yes, my name is still “Rider” for lots of people! At Lone Star, where I worked for 21 years, that was my call name. Actually, I don’t see Real Estate as that much of a departure from the service industry. At the heart of it, Real Estate is still serving and taking care of people. Making people happy is what motivates me. Always has been.

In terms of what drew me to Real Estate in particular…I guess I would have to say that when I decided to change careers, I still wanted to work with people and serve others, and I immediately thought of Real Estate. There were people like our own now retired Realtor Don Cochrane, who is someone I really like and admire in Kingston. At the end of the day, he was also all about helping people and making happy homes and families. I wanted to be a part of that. And 25 years in the restaurant business is a long time.

Is there a home that moved you and really made you want to pursue Real Estate as a profession?

I knew how great it was to own a home, but after I became a Realtor I was super impressed with just the range of properties in our area and the stories about these places. On the one hand, I was part of selling a wonderful property with 90 acres, with a beautiful century limestone home that also had horses, paddocks, the whole bit. I even got to groom, feed and ride the horses, which was really special and such an honour! Then at the other end of the spectrum, in terms of the family involved, I helped a young couple find a great first home in Kingston…then their family grew and wish list expanded, and we were able to find some vacant land and work with a builder to build their custom dream home in the country. I loved being a part of the downsizing for the farm owners, and I equally loved being a part of the next phase of life for the young couple, as they were upsizing, as it were. That’s what makes this job rewarding for me…hearing about what people’s goals and dreams are, which are all so different, and then being a part of fulfilling those dreams.

What are your goals or future plans? Sounds like we might be seeing a country house with horses one day!

Haha, possibly! That would be something. Both my son, Calvin, and my daughter Jesse are out of town these days. Calvin has just graduated from Ryerson and Jesse is out at UBC. So maybe someday. But my goal for Real Estate is to help as many people as possible, and hopefully seeing packed client appreciation events that are full of happy clients, many of whom are repeat or referred. That means I’m doing my job right and making a positive difference in their lives.

Glenn’s direct line is here, if you have any dreams of your own you wish to make real! Call 613.540.3995 or email