This article is a continuation of our series of introductions to our team members at It’s Your Move Real Estate. You may know Carlie as your former Yoga teacher, fellow student, Real Estate Agent, or maybe even as Vayda’s cool Mom! However you know her, we’re sure you remember her warmth, humour and infectious laughter! Read below to find out how and why Carlie was attracted to her current profession, what she loves about it and what’s in store for her.

Meet Carlie McMaughen.

Carlie, you’ve been in the corporate world and you’ve been a yoga teacher. What ultimately drew you to Real Estate?

It’s true, I have had a range of experiences! Well, I guess that’s the best starting place. Real Estate is somewhere in the middle. It’s a very flexible profession in many ways, but it’s also a fast-paced profession. I need to be on top of so many things each week but I can set my own schedule.When I first got into Real Estate, I was a single mom. My daughter Vayda, who is now 16, is into every sport imaginable…basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, soccer…the list goes on! I wanted to be there for every game and tournament, but I also needed something secure because I was solo-parenting. Real Estate was and is perfect for that.

Has there been a home or a house you fell in love with?

Well, in the Meet the Team section, you will read about my childhood fun, checking out abandoned houses in the country where I grew up and in summer’s when I worked in the Muskokas! We once found a really cool and creepy 16 bedroom resort, pretty much boarded up!

But in terms of houses that have life and people in them…honestly I would have to say my own houses. The one that I lived in with Vayda, which became too small when my fiancé, Adam, moved in. It was an emotional experience being the actual Seller and agent on that house. I felt like I was giving a gift away to someone…so many wonderful memories were made there. And I also have to say I love the bigger one the three of us are in now. I remember that moment when we first walked in, and that thing that Anne mentions in her profile…that “click”…well that happened for us. I’m sure you could have seen that look on our faces.

What are your goals for the future? Going to stay in Real Estate?

I am, yes! In terms of goals, I guess I’d say that the most rewarding part of my job are referrals and I want to build on those. Referrals make my work a lot easier, because word of mouth is the best way to find new Sellers and Buyers, but more than that, it’s knowing that my work was appreciated and my clients trust me enough to refer me. My network is growing and my reach is expanding that way, and it’s a really exciting time. Also in terms of goals, I have promised myself to one day return to teaching Yoga part time. Maybe when Vayda goes away to University and I’m not so busy with weekend tournaments, I’ll find some yoga retreats conveniently in her University town! Haha…I can already feel her rolling her eyes at me. But yes, I definitely want to continue to build on the community that I’m connected to here in Kingston, be it clients, the wellness community, parents and just new friends and neighbours.
Carlie’s direct line is here, if you ever want to hear that infectious laugh in person! Call 613.484.7220 or email