If you’re thinking of moving, even if it’s a longer term plan than something you are contemplating in the next few months, it can be tempting to hit the pause button on planned maintenance or upgrades. But if you have the budget and the time, a few strategic repairs can help you list your home for more money and sell it faster. And by making a few changes well before you start the listing process, you can save yourself the stress of trying to tackle everything at once.

Here are a few ideas for investing in your home now that can pay big dividends when you decide to list.

Big budget – Replacing or repairing a major system in your home can help keep your listing price at the top of the range for your property. A big one is your roof. If your roof is at the end of its life, that will definitely factor into the price point. “What often happens with an older roof is the agent will suggest an adjusted list price that takes that into account. But then when an inspection highlights the roof, the potential buyer will bargain, so the discount ends up coming off twice,” Jake explains. A major repair like this has particular value at the lower end of the market, because a first-time buyer is likely using all their resources to make a down payment and won’t have additional funds for a big repair. “Some sellers may even take out a loan to do a major repair, like the furnace, air conditioning, or roof, and then pay back the loan when the sale comes through.”

Medium budget – “Nothing freshens up a place like a coat of paint,” Jake says. “I recommend an on-trend neutral that makes the home feel big and bright.” And don’t just do the walls – repaint any trim, molding and baseboards to cover wear and tear.

Small budget – “There are so many small repairs a homeowner can do that will help their home sail though the inspection process, and many of them are not that expensive,” Jake says. Walk through your home as if you were an inspector, or refer back to your own inspection for project that fits the bill. “Outside grading is one that comes up all the time on inspection and is not expensive to fix,” Jake says. “Another great project is to make sure all the downspouts are in good condition, clear and at least 6 feet away from the house.”

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PS. Yes, we know Jackson didn’t actually paint like this. 🙂