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Winter Is Coming

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Do you have your snow tires on yet?  This region has certainly had enough winter weather already to warrant it.  Fun fact though:  Last year’s first school “snow day” was also mid November; so it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise we guess. Speaking of surprises, when Santa came to town for the parade [...]

by the numbers…

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Is there anything new about this market? You bet there is!  Now, if you’re buying, don’t get too excited we’re not about to tell you we’re seeing a shift back toward a buyers’ market. Kingston’s market is at a historic low for listings, and home prices are continuing to reflect this reality. Competitively priced homes [...]

To Sell or Not To Sell?

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Market update Are you’re dying to know, just like we were, if the Kingston and Area Real Estate Market has started to balance out in the first month of 2018?! Well in a nut shell, the answer is; nope, it has not. […]

Five things we’ve learned this year…

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Well, that depends on what you read and who you talk to.  According to CREA’s (Canadian Real Estate Association) stats for August, home prices have only increased 4% in the last year in the Kingston area. On the other hand, […]

Supply & Demand

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It was definitely an interesting summer for our local Real Estate Market.  Year over year sales dipped for the first time in several months, and lack of new inventory continued to keep Kingston in a Seller’s Market with less than 3 months of inventory supply.  […]

How to succeed in this market

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We’ve all heard the stories by now, “the house we offered on was only on the market for a day and we lost in multiples to a Toronto buyer who went over asking without conditions”, and some of you will have had this thought “What if we put our home on the [...]

Team Introduction

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New Year. New Team. New Website! Yes, that’s a lot of NEWS, but we’ve been hard at work the last few months and we’re finally ready to share some of it with you. As most of you know, we have officially announced the formation of the It’s Your Move Real Estate [...]

How the Internet Has Changed Real Estate

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We all know how the internet has changed major industries like music, print media, communications and so many others. It has also radically changed the way real estate agents work. […]

Adjusting your selling price

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It’s a bit of a sensitive question: when should you reevaluate your list price? No one likes having this conversation, and by the time you and your agent are having it, you are probably both frustrated, disappointed and tired. But, it’s obviously an important conversation to have if you are going [...]

General maintenance, repairs, and freshening up

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If you’re thinking of moving, even if it’s a longer term plan than something you are contemplating in the next few months, it can be tempting to hit the pause button on planned maintenance or upgrades. But if you have the budget and the time, a few strategic repairs can help [...]

Ever Browsed the Real Estate Listings?

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If you’ve ever browsed real estate listings online, or the Homes section of your newspaper, you’re probably familiar with the Realtor®-ese used in the descriptions. It consists of short exclamatory sentences! Sometimes emphatically exclamatory!!! And it Often Contains random Capitalizations (though Realtor® itself is a Registered Trademark, which is why it [...]

What Happened When Jake Sold His Own Home

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Late last year when I was selling my house with Jake, he mentioned he had his own place on the market, too. It was interesting to be working with an agent who was going through a lot of the same processes as me. When my deal wrapped up, I knew Jake [...]

The Value of a ‘Comp’

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When Jake came by to meet me and check out the home I was thinking of listing last year, he came armed with comps, which is real estate shorthand comparable sales. These usually include homes of a similar size in a similar neighbourhood, that sold in the last few months, maybe [...]

You’ve Staged and You Didn’t Know It!

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From watching HGTV, you’d get the idea that staging involves spending your life’s savings at a florist and living like a lonely Mad Hatter, with your table perpetually set for a tea party that never happens. But really, staging can be anything you do to make your home more appealing to [...]

The Most Lucrative Cleaning Job You’ve Ever Had

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Next week our new blogger Steph is back with a post about staging in winter, but I realized I wanted to start with the staging basics I always mention to my clients, no matter what time of year. It comes down to three simple words — big, bright and clean. This [...]

The Beginning…

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Meet the Jake and Anne Caldwell Real Estate Team Facebook Blogger! My name is Stephanie Earp and I heard about Jake Caldwell when I asked my good friends to recommend a real estate agent. They were emphatic: after having their home sit on the market for more than a year with [...]

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