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YGK Check In/Update

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One of the most interesting things to come out of the last month, other than learning new Tic Toc dances,  has been learning about all of the different ways people are reacting to our current ‘little predicament’. […]

Stats Breakdown

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As we dive into what the real estate market looked like around these parts to start the year, it must be pointed out that the January stats for our Local Board can be quite deceiving when you just look at the overall averages (and these “averages” are usually what is presented in the news and online).   [...]

Re-cap & 2019 Predictions

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 Well, if you participated in the real estate market last year and/or keep up on reading our newsletter, there will be absolutely zero surprises here!The month of December's results closed off the year similar to how it began = home sales down from prior year.  In fact, home sales for December in Kingston and Area showed [...]

Summing Up Summer

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This year saw a return to the typical August real estate activity around these parts, as people enjoyed the last chance to vacation with family and begin preparing for the new school year as well.  So, it was not that surprising to see sales and active listings were down compared to the month before and compared [...]

Supply & Demand

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It was definitely an interesting summer for our local Real Estate Market.  Year over year sales dipped for the first time in several months, and lack of new inventory continued to keep Kingston in a Seller’s Market with less than 3 months of inventory supply.  […]

Did you know?

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The rumours are true, Toronto investors are moving east! In fact, we have been informed that recently over 300 new build and to-be-built homes in the west end of Kingston were purchased by just such a group from Toronto. Since the cost of new homes have had the largest yearly increase in pricing over the past [...]

Statistically Speaking

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…“Kingston and Area home sales reach five-year high for February” is the heading you’ll find on the Kingston Area Real Estate Association’s website for the previous month. Now, we guess we wouldn’t be surprising anyone at this point if we told you that 2017 is shaping up to be a very different [...]

News you can use.

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The Groundhog may have seen his shadow this year, but he obviously doesn’t know the Kingston Real Estate Market.  There are Buyers starting to get stir crazy, and with over 20% less listings than this time last year (as of February), the local market is definitely heating up and becoming more [...]

Team Introduction

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New Year. New Team. New Website! Yes, that’s a lot of NEWS, but we’ve been hard at work the last few months and we’re finally ready to share some of it with you. As most of you know, we have officially announced the formation of the It’s Your Move Real Estate [...]

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